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What To Do If Your Residential Premises Is Flooded

Elimination of the consequences of flooding of residential premises is an unpleasant and troublesome business, but you need to know how to act in such a situation, and what to do if you are flooded by neighbors or you are the culprit of the flood.

What to do if the neighbors are flooded

Find out the reason for the flooding. If the neighbors are not at home, call them by phone or call the manager of the condominium of an apartment building, who has access to all apartments.

If you or your neighbors are unable to shut off the water, call a representative of the water or heating company to shut off the riser or take other emergency measures to shut off the water supply. If the neighbors from above are flooded, do not forget to also turn off the electricity in your apartment and in your neighbor’s upstairs to prevent short circuits. The wet floors Brisbane based services are essential options now.

If there are several people at home, distribute your actions and act without panic, quickly and smoothly:

The ut off the water, turn off the electricity, substitute the basins under the dripping water from above, blot the water with rags and call emergency services.
If the apartment is flooded by neighbors, document the facts of damage caused by water leaks on video and photos.

In the presence of a representative of the organization on the balance sheet of which the building is located, the culprit of the flooding, and witnesses (more often neighbors), the “Apartment Inspection Act” is signed. The Act specifies the address, the date of the inspection, the list of damaged property and the amount of damage, and must also be signed by all members of the commission. If the person guilty of the flood does not want to be present, he is given an invitation in writing and insisted on being present at the signing of the Act.

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