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When leaving for carpet laundry, many wonder what would be the best way to dry the carpets before applying them again to decorate the floors. We put together everything you need to know about carpet drying!

The carpet is best dried in early summer on a warm, slightly windy day, as night dew can slow down drying in late summer. Carpets should not be dried in a hurry and wet carpets should not be spread on the floor as they may start to smell.

In winter, it is not advisable to start washing the carpets yourself, because then it is especially challenging to dry large carpets. Drying carpets need a lot of space and changing dry air. So in the winter, swing the big carpets at the laundry and just wash the small carpets at home. For the carpet drying brisbane, this is important.

Your home stove put together the best tips for drying carpets in the summer

Mangle the carpets in the laundry area

Most of the water is removed from the carpets when they are mangled at the end of the washing with carpet angels found in the washing areas.

Walk off

If a carpet angel is not available, wrap the carpet in a tight roll or cut it as small as possible and squeeze out any excess water. When you run out of power, walk cleanly on top of the roller and stab the water off the mat.

Drain the rest of the water and the carpet begins to dry

Once the rug is mangled and stored, all you have to do is let the rug dry. The best weather for carpet drying is a slightly windy early summer day.

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