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A flood, regardless of size, will cause damage the longer the water sits

Any amount of water in your carpets will soak into your floors and walls

A flood doesn’t have to be big to cause damage. Washing machine overflows, overflowed ensuite basins, rain water through an open window while you were away for a few days, and so on. These are termed as flooded floors. And they will not dry out without the proper processes. DIY attempts appear to work, at first, but in just a few days you will begin to smell that dampness and that’s when you begin to face bigger problems.

Call us anytime 24/7 to stop further damage now

No matter when a flooding incident occurs there is no right time but there is no need for concern because we offer a true 24/7 service and will attend your issue anytime night or day. We’ll be at your door within the hour and commence our tasks to get the flooded area dried and restored.

Insurance will cover your flood damage

Most property owners will find that their home insurance will cover all damages caused by accidental flooding and as such, we are approved by insurance companies to assist you with documentation. This relieves a lot of stress for you and saves you money. See more here.

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