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We Are Insurance Company Approved – So We Can Start Immediately

We well know that your carpets and other floor coverings are a valuable item. We also know how a small flooded floor task can very quickly turn into a serious project that is likely to involve your insurers.

We place a a high priority on minimising water damage to property

We regularly work with insurance companies who are satisfied with our approach to minimising damage and therefore remedial expenditure. particularly in situations where an immediate response is needed. We are fully staffed with experienced technicians who are each fully insured and licensed to provide the best possible water damage services.

We can prepare a report for your insurance company

Insurance companies require reports detailing what our inspection has found. Your insurers are aware of the primary things we need to do for your floor coverings, wet floors and wet walls. Our guys will assess the damage and make recommendations for floating floor drying, carpet drying, cleaning and sanitising in all affected rooms.

Prior to your insurers approval of the claim we are permitted to begin immediately

We do not need to await approval before can commence any task to minimise the damage will attend to any areas that may require repair together with stain removal on flooring, carpets, walls and furnishings. We can do the necessary work to repair, clean or replace anything that has suffered from water damage and will ensure satisfaction for the insurance company as well as the owner thus avoiding additional stress to you, the owner.

One all important result of any flood or water damage is MOULD

We take all this into account at the time and ensure all areas seen or unseen are completely dried and the entire property is completely dehumidified. It is better to address mould issues now to avoid a return visit for mould removal.

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