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Carpet Drying Is An Essential Service That Cannot Be Left To Linger

If there is carpet water damage there is a good chance of saving your carpet/s. But, that is highly dependent on how quickly you act. Water damage in carpets, floors and walls worsens as it sits and can quickly escalate to extensive water damage.

It has happened to many of us where a bath overflows, the washing machine drain is blocked or when something simple occurs such as rain coming in through an open window when you are away from your home. If the damage is minimal or restricted to just the one area, the carpet can often be dried with the use of commercial dehumidifiers and high volume rapid dryers.

If you have a concern about how to dry your wet floors don’t worry, our qualified carpet drying Technician will be able to assess the water damage level of the carpet, sub floors and walls then advise you whether the carpet can be dried or needs to be replaced. We have seen the stress that homeowners or office owners face when they suffer wet carpets or any carpet flood damage at all and our professional and qualified carpet drying Technicians are always ready to provide emergency water removal services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

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