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Drying Your Floor Coverings Will Not Dry Your Floors!

Floor Drying is always overlooked by homeowners and even many carpet cleaning operators when they attend your job. If you have a significant amount of seepage or spillage onto your floor coverings I can assure you that your sub-floors are wet, and will remain wet unless they are attended to!

You will not know it’s still wet under your floor coverings until you smell the damp odours

Most often, when there is water damage, not only is the carpet wet or damaged, you will find that the water would have seeped through to the sub-flooring underneath and caused water damage there as well. Whether the flooring is concrete or timber it makes no difference as both need to be thoroughly dried out before you can lower or replace the carpeting. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done is all water has to be drained out, carpets removed or lifted and then high volume rapid dryers and dehumidifiers are used to create a continuing current of hot air around the affected areas.

Done properly, it is not a quick project

Done properly: depending upon the wet area concerned, this can take a few days (sometimes longer for large areas) to give the time to effectively and completely dry the floor covering together with the sub floors.

Not done properly: If your carpets are dried and the floor is left wet, the only way the floor can dry is to have the moisture slowly absorb into your carpets. There are many times I hear of customers calling their carpet cleaning company and complaining of damp mouldy smells in the home up to a week later.

In the long run. it is cheaper to engage professionals

Our team are totally conversant with how to ensure sub-floors can dry and floor coverings are protected. We are a highly qualified team of flood restoration technicians capable of achieving every project to an optimum level. We are fully insured and licensed to ensure that the floor drying service has been completed to your total satisfaction.

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