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Any flood damage needs professional Flood Damage Services teams

Every significant water encroachment onto your floors is an emergency

Why? because the longer the water sits in your home or building, the more damage it creates!

If you have such a water damage emergency, our technicians are available 24/7 in the greater sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast regions for any water flood accidents or floods caused by outside sources that may occur. One call to us and we can be at your door within the hour.

We attend to residential, commercial and industrial properties

If you have an washing machine overflow or similar, we will get to your property within 4 hours. But if you have something more serious, our emergency response vehicles (ERV) will immediately respond to your call and be at your property within the hour, assess the water damage then take immediate steps to minimise the devastation to your property.

We are a 24/7 Service

We are open and available seven days a week placing a high priority on any water damage in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast regions. We will continue on well into the night to achieve the protection to whatever level and whenever required to halt further damage. Once we have minimised your damage potential, we will then make recommendations on what cleaning and repairs are required.

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