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Water Stains Removal

Water stains are common after the flood damage has been dried

These can be on carpets, hard floor coverings and wooden floors and we know how to safely remove them

Our equipment is the latest technology therefore our main focus is removing severe water stains created as a result of flood incidents. But that doesn’t mean we will not do the smaller jobs when we are on-site attending to your flood damage in Brisbane. There is no easy answer to removing a water stain because each one is different primarily due to the type of carpet or hard floor.

Minor Spillages

Smaller water spillages like a glass or cup spill that are attended to quickly will not stain (provided they are cleaned and dried quickly and correctly). But if we look at wet carpets, if it is not totally dried, including the underside, a stain will develop on the underside that could eventually reach the top side of your carpet. It is hard to know if you have cleaned and dried the underside of anything so you need to take extra care to dry the carpet completely. But if you spill something anything other than water on your carpet, rug or upholstery don’t panic, just call the professionals.

History and experience clearly shows that we have a better chance of removing stains than a genuine DIY attempt.

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