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Best Mould and Bacteria Remediation in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for bacteria and mould removal service in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast? Flood Damage Services offer best mould remediation services with experienced professionals at affordable cost.

Fact: Mould or Bacteria is probable after serious flooding

The facts are, with any water or flood damage, you often get a mould or bacterial problem created not only by the wet carpets, but by the ensuing mildew problem created by the dampness in the air.

Mould is without doubt a very serious health risk for us all.

It is not uncommon for people to be hospitalised for breathing in mould bacteria only to then having the growth continue within their body. Mould can be a killer! It is imperative that carpets, floors and walls are dried as quickly as possible to prevent mould growth and followed by a sanitisation process to remove all traces of the mould bacterial spores.

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We have a team of qualified mould treatment technicians who offer quick response to rid your home or business of bacterial mould developed from wet or damp zones within the building. With deep cleansing utilising effective chemicals that are 100% safe, our technicians will restore your carpet or flooring to its pre water damage condition ensuring that all bacteria of any kind is removed leaving your home safe for your family.

Selling or buying a Home?

If you are having issues with water damage in Brisbane, Gold Coast & Sunshine Coast. How about you call us in so we can give you the best Bacteria Removal service and provide you with a Bacteria Swab Test together with a Certificate of Clearance. And for the new home you are moving to, get us in before you move all your belongings in and we will treat your home for mould prevention and leaving you with a freshly sanitised new home.