Flood & Water Damage Services

Experienced water damage technicians with the qualifications and experience to dry and restore your flood damaged carpet to a fresh and sanitised state

Our floor drying services are carried out to your complete satisfaction by our fully insured and licensed cleaning technicians

Our high quality cleaning equipment uses the latest technology to effectively eliminate all water stains from your curtains, upholstery, carpet and flooring

We have emergency flood damage response vehicles available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to attend to any flood disasters that occur

Top of the range cleaning chemicals will safely and effectively remove all traces of potentially dangerous bacteria from your carpet or flooring, restoring it to a pristine condition

Our knowledge and experience in mould removal means that we can safely remove mould, clean any mould affected surfaces and treat problem areas to stop any further mould growth

Water Damage – Do Not Delay

Offering flood and water damage experienced technicians to quickly respond to your crisis is what we do best. Our emergency response vehicles (ERV’s) are fully equipped and ready to go at a moments notice.  In the event you have had a water leakage into your home or if your property has been affected by floods, there is no need to stress, simply call us and we will be there within the hour to assess the water damage and take immediate steps to minimise the level of increase that will be occurring to your home or business.  Our water damage technicians will evaluate the exact damage and prioritise the need for such things as carpet drying, sub floor drying, bacteria removal, mould remediation, water stain removal, carpet cleaning, floor cleaning, sanitising and odour removal.  In the event the water damage effects are extensive, there is a high probability that there will be a requirement to dry the walls and wall boards of the effected areas. This is not something you want left undone as mould, odours and rot will set in over the ensuing months if not attended to at the time. Whether made of concrete or timber, the floors are usually the most effected and often require replacement of skirting boards, shaving and refitting of doors and other repairs.  We are always happy to work with your insurance company to ensure water damage restoration is carried out to everyone’s satisfaction.

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Customer Service Comments;

During our long years of dealing with a wide range of water damage emergencies, we have a substantial list of satisfied customers in both the residential and the commercial fields. We recognise the primary need to place a priority level on what particular urgency is required for each given task and our customers well understand how that has saved them many hours of disruption together with substantially reducing their losses. Customer service is not only to give good value for money, it is also to build a strong list of satisfied clients who will be happy to give us their return business for any of the services we offer together with referring us to their family and friends:

  • Thank you for attending my little flood mishap so quickly. I was absolutely lost and didn’t know what to do next. Your nice man put me at ease and in no time at all, everything was back to normal.

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  • When my unit was flooded by disgusting toilet overflow in one of my bathrooms you arrived within an hour of my call to you. That was around 8p in the evening and your 2 men got onto the matter immediately. I am aware of how the odour could have caused far more damage had it been left until the next day. Plus I would have had to make other sleeping arrangements until all was cleaned and smells removed. As it was, 3 hours later, I was able to retire for the night and sleep comfortably. Your men arrived back the next day and completed the job to my total satisfaction.

  • Professional, friendly and helpful is how I sum these guys up. The technician was thorough and quickly gave us a detailed assessment and cost of the damage. I would highly recommend your business to anyone who has suffered water damage in their home.

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  • Just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciated your prompt service and to also let you know that I would be happy to recommend your services to others

  • Your repairman was polite, professional and competent. He knew exactly what to do and got on with the job at hand. I will keep your number for any time in the future that I may need your services.


Study Case – The Cook Disaster

There is one thing for certain and that is, water damage and natural disasters can happen to anyone. Over the years we have dealt with all types of water damage – from an overflowing bathtub to serious storm flooding, but all too often we get disasters like the one that happened to the Cook family. Every floor and the ceilings on all levels together with extensive inner wall and sub floor damage all needed to be dried, cleaned, sanitised and protected against future mould and rot growth. This was caused by faulty plumbing on the top storey but storm damage and rain damage can create the same problems. This and other services such as mould removal and total carpet restoration are just some of the projects we have under our belt.

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Water Damage Brisbane When Disaster Strikes

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Water Damage Brisbane When Disaster Strikes

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Water Damage Brisbane When Disaster Strikes

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Water Damage Brisbane When Disaster Strikes