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Post Flood Carpet Cleaning & Sanitising

It is imperative to have the area sanitised and deodorised

After suffering any level of water damage or flood damage and to maintain healthy atmosphere within your home

This not only creates a healthy living environment, it removes any lingering smells of dampness

Whilst we are not a team of carpet cleaners, we do offer the service to our clients who have suffered flood damage. Also, as a great idea for any carpets which have suffered water damage, and to extend the life of all your carpets and rugs, it is recommended that you continue to get the professional carpet cleaners in once a year. This will keep your expensive floor coverings looking like new and smelling fresh. We offer a great return package that will save you money and remain well within your budget.

Flood damage DIY is not a good option – it will be costly now and in the near future

Carpets absolutely soaked through to the underlay and soaked into the sub-floor need professional attention … not just drying. Having them cleaned, sanitised and deodorised immediately after they have been dried is definitely a main priority. Do not try to do this yourself without the proper plant and chemicals. If you feel like you will do it yourself, not only is there an almost definite likelihood that dampness will remain in the carpet underlay, using chemicals on your carpets that you are unfamiliar with can create a whole bunch of new problems for you. Plus of course, it is quite possible that if your underlay is damp, your sub-floors will also be wet resulting in the unseen and gradual development of bacterial mould followed by the gradual deterioration of your carpets from the underside up. Unfortunately, as you will not realise this is happening 24/7, in 9 out of 10 cases, we find that by the time you realise it and call us in, the carpets cannot be saved. Plus of course, it is a huge health risk to your family.

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