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Tips for Water Emergencies

If you have been affected by a flooding disaster in your home, follow these tips to minimise damage as much as possible.

  • Move all family members and pets to a hygienic and secure location
  • If you are able to, turn off your water supply
  • Turn off the power before moving any electrical appliances or devices that are being exposed to water in your building.
  • Remove any sentimental/personal articles that may be subject to damage Remove any items such as clothing, books and plants as these may transfer colour and stain your carpet
  • Place aluminium foil under parts of furniture that are in contact with the carpet. This will prevent stains to your carpet and help to avoid any damage that the furniture has absorbed from the water
  • If you have floor length curtains, tie them up so they are no longer in contact with the wet areas
  • Do not ingest any food that has been exposed to the water – there is a very high risk that it will be contaminated with bacteria.
  • Stay calm! Call Water Damage Brisbane