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Signs of Water Damage in your Home

From severe weather events such as floods and cyclones to more insidious incidents such as faulty pipes and plumbing problems, water can find its way into our homes and cause extensive damage.

While extensive flooding in your home is easy to spot, there are many causes of water damage that may not be immediately noticeable. In fact, people can often be living with water damage for an extended period of time and be completely unaware of the danger within their homes, so it is important to regularly check areas of your home for the less noticeable signs of water damage.

If your area has suffered a wet weather calamity but your home seems to have escaped unscathed, it is still imperative that you check for any potential water problems as soon as possible. Look for water stains around window and doors, swollen areas of drywall and buckling areas of hardwood. These are all signs of water entering your home unseen and needs to be dealt with immediately – the sooner you are able to locate potential water problems, the more effective your restoration process will be.

Other areas in your home which are vulnerable to water damage include in the kitchen around the sink, refrigerator and dishwasher, and also in the bathroom around the shower, bathtub and toilet. These areas can all be susceptible to pipe leaks and standing water, which can accumulate into water damage.

If you do find signs of water damage in your home, it is important to take proactive measures to contain the problem. Remove excess water and properly ventilate the area to make sure it dries out properly. If there seems to be water damage within your flooring or walls, call a water damage restoration professional at the first available opportunity.