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Bacteria & Mould Removal

Generally, with any water or flood damage, you often get a mould or bacterial problem which is very dangerous to the health of the entire family. It needs to be your first priority to have it removed. In many cases, people believe they can quickly and easily remove mould themselves. Maybe a bit of soap water and even followed up with a bleach spray … maybe? Of course, this can work but it is only an interim measure. And what about the parts that you cannot spray with bleach for fear of damaging the surface (wallpaper, curtains, upholstery, etc)? But most importantly … did you get it all? Do you have the experience to know where mould forms, or how long it takes to show, or what really does kill the harmful bacteria? The safest and smartest thing you should do is to engage the services of a professional. They know where to look, and they also know that the bacteria is not always visible to the naked eye. Qualified mould Technicians know where and when to treat mould and what cleaning products will work to kill the mould bacteria. They generally offer quick response to rid your home or business of bacteria or mould formed from any moisture build up or sudden flooding. Utilising deep cleansing using chemicals that are 100% safe, technicians will restore your carpet, flooring, walls and/or ceilings to the original condition thereby ensuring that all bacteria or any kind of mould and decay is removed.