Carpet Drying

If there is carpet water damage there is a good chance of saving your carpet/s. BUT, that is highly dependent on how quickly you act. Water damage in carpets, floors and walls worsens as it sits and can quickly escalate to extensive water damage. It has happened to many of us where a bath overflows, the washing machine drain is blocked or when something as simple occurs such as rain coming in through an open window when you are away from your home. If the damage is minimal or restricted to just the one area, the carpet can often be dried with the use of commercial dehumidifiers and high volume rapid dryers. If you have a concern about how to dry your wet floors don’t worry, our qualified carpet drying Technician will be able to assess the water damage level of the carpet, sub floors and walls then advise you whether the carpet can be dried or needs to be replaced. We have seen the stress that homeowners or office owners face when they suffer wet carpets or any carpet flood damage at all and our professional and qualified carpet drying Technicians are always ready to provide emergency water removal services in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas.

Water Stain Removal

If you had a small water spill and managed to dry your carpets yourself but have noticed a water stain that you can’t get rid of then we are the team to remove water stains in carpets. Generally, water stains can be removed but that is depending on how old the stain is and what attempts have been made previously to remove it. There are many ‘ideas’ out there on how to remove water stains in carpets and flooring but unfortunately, the majority of them cause more damge and can minimise the effect a professional stain removal techinisian can have. There are also a wide range of ‘off the shelf’ cleaning products that profess to be able to do the stain removal but at best, they are only good for minor fresh stains and even then, must be used strictly to the exact instructions. Save your time, save your money and save your carpets – call in a qualified carpet stain removal expert who will be able to assess the extent of the problem and determine whether your stain can be removed and if so, employing what method to do so. With our high quality cleaning technology emergency water removal from carpets, upholstery and flooring with a 93% success rate.

Bacterial Mould Removal

The facts are, with any water or flood damage brisbane, you often get a mould or bacterial problem created not only by the wet carpets, but by the ensuing mildew problem created by the dampness in the air. Mould is without doubt a very serious health risk for us all, and some more than others. It is not uncommon for people to be hospitalised for breathing in mould bacteria then having the growth continue within their body. Mould can be a killer! It is imperative that carpets, floors and walls are dried as quickly as possible to prevent mould growth and followed by a sanitisation process to remove all traces of the mould bacterial spores. We have a team of qualified mould treatment technicians who offer quick response to rid your home or business of bacterial mould developed from wet or damp zones within the building. With deep cleansing utilising effective chemicals that are 100% safe, our technicians will restore your carpet or flooring to its pre water damage condition ensuring that all bacteria of any kind is removed leaving your home safe for your family.

Selling or buying a Home? How about you call us in so we can give you the best Bacteria Removal service and provide you with a Bacteria Swab Test together with a Certificate of Clearance. And for the new home you are moving to, get us in before you move all your belongings in and we will treat your home for mould prevention and leaving you with a freshly sanitised new home.

Emergency Flood Response

If you have any water damage emergency, our technicians are available 24/7 in the greater Brisbane and Gold Coast regions for any water flood accidents or floods caused by outside sources that may occur. Whether it is a residence, commercial or industrial building, our emergency response vehicles (ERV) will immediately answer your call to assess the water damage and minimise the devastation to your property. We are open and available seven days a week placing a high priority on any water damage in Brisbane or Gold Coast regions continuing on well into the night to achieve the protection to whatever level and whenever necessary. Once we have minimised your damage potential, we will then make recommendations on what cleaning and repairs are required.

Floor Drying

This is always overlooked by homeowners and even some carpet cleaning operators when they attend your job. But most often, when there is water damage, not only is the carpet damaged, you will find that the water would have seeped through to the sub-flooring underneath and caused water damage there as well. Whether the flooring is concrete or timber it makes no difference as both need to be thoroughly dried out before you can lower or replace the carpeting. Therefore, the first thing that needs to be done is all water has to be drained out, carpets removed or lifted and then high volume rapid dryers and dehumidifiers are used to create a continuing current of hot air around the affected areas. Depending upon the wet area concerned, this can take considerable time to effectively and completely dry the floor covering together with the sub floors. Our team are totally conversant as qualified cleaning technicians to achieve this to an optimum level. We are fully insured and licensed to ensure that the floor drying service has been completed to your total satisfaction.

Flooded Carpets Insurance Work

We well know that our carpets and other floor coverings are a valuable item. We place a a high priority on minimising water damage to property and as such, we regularly work with insurance companies who are satisfied with our approach to minimising damage and therefore remedial expenditure. particularly in situations where an immediate response is needed. We are fully staffed with experienced technicians who are fully insured and licensed to provide the best possible water damage services. Our guys will assess the damage and make recommendations for carpet cleaning and repair along with mould remediation, mould removal and stain removal on flooring, carpets, walls and furnishings. We can do the necessary work to repair, clean or replace anything that has suffered from water damage and will ensure satisfaction for the insurance company as well as the owner thus avoiding additional stress to you, the owner.

Carpet Cleaning and Deodorising

After an area has suffered any type of water or flood damage and to maintain healthy atmosphere within your home, it is imperative to have the area sanitised and deodorised which not only creates a healthy living environment, it remove any lingering smells of dampness.

Also,as a great idea for any carpets which have suffered water damage and to extend the life of all your carpets and rugs, it is recommended that you get the professional carpet cleaners in once a year. This will keep your expensive floor coverings looking like new and smelling fresh. We offer a great return package that will save you money and remain well within your budget.

So, if you have been unfortunate enough to experience flood or any water damage occurring to your carpets, having them cleaned, sanitised and deodorised immediately after they have been dried is really a main priority. Do not try to do this yourself without the proper plant and chemicals. If you do, not only is there an almost definite likelihood that dampness will remain in the carpet underlay, using chemicals on your carpets that you are unfamiliar with can create a whole bunch of new problems for you. Plus of course, it is quite possible that if your underlay is damp, your sub-floors will also be wet resulting in the unseen and gradual development of bacterial mould followed by the gradual deterioration of your carpets from the underside up. Unfortunately, as you will not realise this is happening 24/7, in 9 out of 10 cases, we find that by the time you realise it and call us in, the carpets cannot be saved. Plus of course, it is a huge health risk to your family.

Call us in to evaluate what your carpets need. I can assure you that you will be glad you did.